Why Recycle? Average Office Worker uses 10,000 Sheets Paper per Year

Start recycling in your office today.

Are you a paper pusher?

The numbers appear to be against you.  We’d like to make the case for starting a recycling program in your office.


Proposals, spread sheets, reports, sales letters, presentations – they’re all absolutely essential for managing and growing your business.  We get that.  But how can you get the whole office to become more sustainable in its paper usage?  The answer … start a company-wide recycling program.


Based on data collected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Air Council, the average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copier paper every year.  That’s the equivalent of more than 4 million tons of paper, according to a recent Infographic put out by Paper Karma1.


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3 Cleaning Black Holes that Are Making Your Indoor Office Air Space Toxic

Are Cleaning Black Holes Making Your Office Toxic?

Do you know the 3 Cleaning Black Holes that Are Making Your Indoor Office Air Space Toxic?  Let’s listen in to find out more …  


Chat with an Office Cleaning Expert Office Manager:   

“Houston, we have a problem! We have at least 3 known cleaning black holes that are making our office’s air space uninhabitable, indoor air quality toxic; over.”


Chat with an Office Cleaning Expert Command Center:

“Roger that, Office Manager.  Have you identified the sources?  Please give us a full report; over.”


Chat with an Office Cleaning Expert Office Manager:

“Transmitting full report now Houston; please stand by …

The cleaning black holes in our current janitorial program include:

  • Excessive dust and pollen from improper cleaning procedures and tools is wreaking havoc on our indoor environmental controls.
  • Having no professional carpet cleaning and maintenance program in place is seriously raising toxicity levels.
  • Zero bi-annual air purification program either. Indoor air space situation dire; over.”


Chat with an Office Cleaning Expert Command Center:

“The problem is your janitorial services provider!”

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Is Your Office Refrigerator Crammed with UFOs – Unidentifiable Foul-smelling Objects?

Refrigerator & Appliance Cleaning Services

What should you do if your office refrigerator is crammed full of UFOs (Unidentifiable Foul-Smelling Objects)? Get help; READ ON …


So you’ve more than noticed that there’s a slight stench that pops out and punches you right in the nose each time you open the office fridge door – so what’s the BIG deal?  You realize the smell does kinda take the expression “losing your lunch” to a whole new level.  So, what can you do about it?

Office Refrigerator with UFOs


You’ve certainly not had much cooperation from your co-workers about throwing out old, spoiled, foul-smelling food.  They agree to take care of it, then simply just forget to do so.  You’re determined to ignore it.  That’s right; you’ll just go out for your lunch until the year 2020.  But wait, there’s this scary unidentifiable furry, fuzzy stuff growing in there.  You fear that people may start dropping like flies and the building may need to be evacuated if you just leave it. Read more