Is Your Office Refrigerator Crammed with UFOs – Unidentifiable Foul-smelling Objects?

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What should you do if your office refrigerator is crammed full of UFOs (Unidentifiable Foul-Smelling Objects)? Get help; READ ON …


So you’ve more than noticed that there’s a slight stench that pops out and punches you right in the nose each time you open the office fridge door – so what’s the BIG deal?  You realize the smell does kinda take the expression “losing your lunch” to a whole new level.  So, what can you do about it?

Office Refrigerator with UFOs


You’ve certainly not had much cooperation from your co-workers about throwing out old, spoiled, foul-smelling food.  They agree to take care of it, then simply just forget to do so.  You’re determined to ignore it.  That’s right; you’ll just go out for your lunch until the year 2020.  But wait, there’s this scary unidentifiable furry, fuzzy stuff growing in there.  You fear that people may start dropping like flies and the building may need to be evacuated if you just leave it.


Does this scenario sound familiar or do you think it’s simply a made up fairytale?

Well, if you said fairytale, you’d be wrong.  This is a 100% true story.  This exact scene actually played out in real life at the AT&T building in San Jose, California.  A fed-up co-worker decided she’d had just about all she could take of the overstuffed, crammed-to-the-top office refrigerator which was chocked full of unidentifiable moldy lunches.


Cleaning Chemical Concoction

Well good for her!  Right?  She took action and cleaned out the office refrigerator mixing up a cocktail of various cleaning products to calm the noxious stench. Unfortunately, the mixture of cleaning chemicals she concocted, along with the already putrid smells of the rotten and decayed food sent 7 of her vomiting co-workers straight to the emergency room.  The other 325 people in the building had to be evacuated by the fire department.


You’re probably wondering at this point, what can I do to prevent this from happening in my office?  The moral of this story is this … hire cleaning professionals to take care of cleaning all of your office’s kitchen and breakroom appliances.  At Kelly Commercial Cleaning, we offer expert Appliance Cleaning Services.  Get in touch today for a free quote.


Want to read the original news story from CNN just for fun?  Here’s the link: Sickening Stench from Office Refrigerator Sends Workers to ER



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